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anacondafma's Journal

Love for the Tokyo-Zion Academy Fans
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Anybody , Moderated
This is for the fan works to go for Tokyo-Zion Academy
I am changing this to be a section for all of our fans to post here. This section is open to everyone on LiveJournal. Follow these following rules to have a good time here:

1.) Only TZA-related series/staff stories, poems, fan art, disscussions, questions, and other fanworks allowed here
2.) No flaming, have respect for your fellow writers
3.) Please proofread before posting!!! I can't stand poor grammar!
4.) Nothing that is degrading to race, sexaulity, gender, religion, etc. will be posted here
5.) No spamming
6.) If you are posting R or NC-17 rated fics, please put up a warning (Sex, violence, adult themes, etc.)
7.) Any violation of the rules will result in a termantion of membership
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